Graffit Gallery Hotel

Modern. Stylish. Urban. All these definitions are mixed to capture the whole sensation of the style and the subconscious message of Graffit Gallery Hotel. It is the zone where the aesthetic design nuances, the perception and the new technologies create comfort and harmony.

Our rooms

Inspiration and elegance

Closed in its tight "graphite" form, the hotel boasts character, ambience and lifestyle through the conceptual patchwork of ideas of four Bulgarian architects, achieving an artistic touch on each of the 4 floors - Chester, Carracci, The Other Floor and 4 Elements.


Graffit Gallery Hotel Offers

  • Копие на SPRING BREEZE.png

    Spring Breeze

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  • HONEYMOON 2022 - cover.png

    A Taste of Honeymoon

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  • Love the Shine 2022 - cover.png

    Graffit Weekend Relax

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